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Welcome to Seattle's Doorhouse, your ultimate door store! Our extensive collection boasts a variety of doors, from exquisite interior doors that redefine elegance to sturdy exterior doors that ensure security without compromising style.

As Seattle’s #1 door supplier, we offer a range of flash sales and limited-time offers throughout the year to provide the best offers to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing products that last for a price that doesn’t break the bank. Make sure to check back on this page frequently as our flash sale offerings only last a short time and change based on availability. 

Find Seattle’s Doorhouse quality doors at a fraction of the cost for all your contracting needs. From fiberglass to solid wood doors, don’t miss these amazing limited-time offers. Check out our flash sales below and find your next home door for a great price. 


On Sale this Week!

Check out our limited-time stock, a haven of odds and ends, knick-knacks, and other delightful treasures. Whether you're eyeing glass inserts to elevate your exterior door's aesthetics or searching for unique finds like leather gloves, our assortment is as diverse as Seattle's neighborhoods. Treasures await adorned with quality that speaks volumes and prices that whisper "smart choice." Move fast, these deals don't last and you don't want to miss these limited-time items.

On Sale This Week!